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You're finished, you buncha bitches!
~ Edgar Munsen
Edgar Munsen is a minor/main antagonist in the beginning of Chapter 5 in Bully. He was a student at Bullworth Academy who got expelled after working with Gary Smith, and was later tricked by him into defeating Jimmy. He is the leader of the Townies clique. Edgar was voiced by Jan Milewicz. Jimmy beat him and then he was an ally to Jimmy during complete mayhem. Edgar is also stronger than Russell but not Jimmy.

Edgar with winter hat and same coat but with sleeve down


Edgar is a tall boy with dark skin well some think he's biracial and a scar on his left eye. He usually wears an orange shirt over a green t-shirt and tan cargo pants.


  • Cut content reveals that if you failed to defeat Edgar at the showdown in the chemical plant, Jimmy would fall into an acid pool, burning alive with Edgar taunting him.