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Edgar E Gore
Edgar Gore
is a major character in Tim Burton's movie Frankenweenie. He is a parody of Igor.


Edgar is a 10 year old student at New Holand's Elementary School.  He is deformed; having a hunched back, non-semetrical eyes, bad teeth, stuby legs, and differently sized arms with overly long fingers (though, as this is a Tim Burton movie, it unknown how many of these qualities contributed to the fact the he had no friends).  He is a needy misfit, who is desperate to be Victor Frankenstein's friend.  He is innocently stupid.  To him, science is like magic.  He speaks in a Hungarian accent, and it is possible that he is a forein exchange student.  Inspight of his innocent qualities, he can be a rotten little creep when he wants to, and it is hard to decide whether he is a good guy or a bad guy.

He is first seen in Victor's class room, when their exageratedly creepy substitute science teacher is explaining that his predecessor was indisposed due to a phenominal accident.  Edgar then comments that said teacher was "hit' by lightning. When Victor gets home and greets his dog, Sparky, in his back yard, Edgar suddenly apears through the gate and announces that he will be Victor's partner for the Science Fair, because they need partners, and suggests that they construct a death ray.  Victor reminds Edgar that deathrays are not allowed, to which Edgar responds; "Oh man.  I'd still like to do it though.  Who else will be your partner?  You don't have any friends and niether do I.".  Victor gently guides Edgar out throuhg the gate and appologizes, saying that he simply likes to work alone.  Edgar pounds the fence in frustration, and leaves.

Edgar is later seen at the school's little league baseball game.  He is sitting alone in the stands exitedly watching Victor play.

A few days later, Edgar is walking along outside and sees Sparky (who had previously been killed by a car). Edgar then goes to Victor's house and tells Victor that he knows about Sparky.  He tells Victor that if he doesn't show Edgar how he did it, he'll tell everyone.  Victor shows Edgar how he did it, and then Edgar asks when he can do it.  Victor tells him he can't, but when Edgar repeats his threat Victor excepts. Edgar buys a dead fish, and Victor brings it to life.  But it turns invisable. Despite Edgar's promise not to tell anybody, he shows the invisible fish to an asian kid named Toshiaki and a fat kid named (Frankenweenie) (Frankenweenie) Bob who are also competing in the Science Fair.  Edgar is determined to prove his worth by winning the Science Fair.

As he is walking into school one day, Edgar is backed into a corner by Nassor who demands to see the invisible fish.  Edgar uncaps the mason jar and tells the kid to swish his hand around in it.  Nassor does, but feels nothing.  Edgar panicks and runs to tell Victor.

Later on the Nassor tells Toshiaki and Bob that there was no invisible fish, and that they fell for a parlour trick.  They then see Edgar and back him into a corner, demanding he tell them the truth.  Edgar eventualy tells them that Victor brought his dog back to life.  The Nassor tells Edgar to show them.

That night, Edgar leads Nassor, Toshiaki, Bob, and the Weird Girl into Victor's attic, where they examine his equiptment. Edgar then fishes a dead rat from a garbage can and mimicks what Victor did to ressurect Sparky and the fish.  But the piece of roadkill mutates into a wererat.  Edgar runs out of the class room in terror. 

Edgar runs to the New Holand Fair for help, only to be pursued by some of the Sea Monkeys that Bob foolishly created.  While runing from them, Edgar ran into his own creation (the wererat) who had chased the gym teacher all the way to the fair.  The wererat then starts to chase Edgar.  Edgar is about to be killed by his own "child", when Victors girl friend and her dog Persephone attempt to rescue him.  The wererat, however, ends up being more than a match for them, and is about to kill them when Sparky intervenes.  The wererat goes for Sparky's neck, but accidently bites on one of the electrodes in Sparky's neck, which kills.  By that time Edgar had escaped.  He in not seen after this.

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