Commissioner E.A. Blakelock is the Phoenix police commissioner. A thoroughly corrupt man in bed with the mob, he used a pistol to sodomize prostitute Gus Mally. When Mally was set to testify against some mafia friends of Blakelocks, he and the crooked district attorney John Feyderspiel conspired to prevent that from happening. He intentionally sent underperforming detective Ben Shockley to bring Gus from Las Vegas to Phoenix to testifying, knowing, or at least hoping, that he'd screw it up. In addition to various mob hitmen trying to kill the pair, Blakelock lied to the local cops and told them Shockley had gone rogue and kidnapped Mally.

Against all odds the duo made it to the courthouse. Shockley grabbed Feyderspiel and made him confess at gunpoint about their corruption, their mafia ties and how Blakelock had lied to the rest of the police in an effort to get Shockley killed as a rogue cop. An enraged Blakelock shot both of them, killing Feyderspiel and wounding Shockley. Before he could finish Shockley off, Gus grabbed Shockley's gun and shot Blakelock dead.