Eden was the son of Mars with Medea.

As a fake-pallasite, his time control powers, his new powers and the time control made by his weapon, depends on his weapon (cudgel) and without it, the distortions made by him disappear.


He to know his father, regenerating after the fight against Athena, solves the support for the construction of a new world; however, Eden knows Aria, a prisoner of his father, with whom she falls in love and decides to protect. Eden is trained by Leo Mikene, more faithful man to Mars.


Then Eden becomes a saint, in the constellation Orion, and the saints would serve the new Athena (Aria) in the future, and therefore will learn how to use your cosmos in the school of the saints (Palaestra), where becomes the protagonist rival, Kouga.


When the servants of Mars attack Palaestra, Eden goes away from there, leaving all students to their mercy. Aria to be rescued by Kouga, Eden goes after her and so, Kouga learns that he is Mars's side, and is easily defeated, making Aria was back to Mars fortress.

Then Aria ends up being killed by Mars after rebelling against him, and Eden gets too traumatized, and after a long reflection, decides to fight for the world that wanted to protect Aria (Earth) and try to convince his father to give up his plan (and change his hair color). But Eden never swore loyalty to Athena, fighting just for Aria, which in turn, led him to fight Abzu too.


Tragic Destiny

After Abzu to be defeated, Eden found himself in a world where everything was lost: Mikene, Aria, Sonia, Mars and Medea, were killed; he refuses to protect Athena, and as Aria (whom he protected) died, he does not know whom to fight; it seeps like Pallas Army member, to spy an evil cosmos that is there, but is soon discovered.