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The psychics are the new humanity that will build a new age: the old humanity that doesn’t have a sevens is an existence that must be wiped out.
~ Eden's advocate, Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

Eden is international union of adepts from all over the world, whose numbers do not compare to that of normal humans. They have began to spread throughout the nation, and compose mostly of adepts who were oppressed by non-adepts in the past. Unlike the Sumeragi Group, Eden does not have a hierarchical system for its members. Their goal is to bring in a new era for adepts, and develop a new utopia where all non-adepts are eradicated. Among its members is a team of seven very powerful and charismatic adepts known as The Seven, who are have several positions of command, lauded by fellow members of Eden and wield the Grimiores. The group is the main antagonist group of the upcoming video game and sequel Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, replacing the Sumeragi Group.

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The Seven Edit

Main article: The Seven

The Seven, also known as the G7, is a group of seven powerful adepts within Eden, led by Tenjian. Despite of Eden itself not having an official hierarchical system, they are hold many positions of command and are admired in the group's ranks. Each member holds a book-like device of great power called a Grimoire.

Mystery Girl Edit

Main article: Mysterious Girl

A member of Eden, who appears in front of both Gunvolt and Coppen. She appears to be a young girl, but speaks in an orderly manner. Her ability and motive is unknown.

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