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You guys have gotta trust us! How're we supposed to rip you off if you don't trust us?
~ Eddy

Eddy Skipper McGee is one of the three main protagonists of Ed, Edd n Eddy. He formerly likes to scam the kids in the cul-de-sac for money just to buy his favorite thing; Jawbreakers.


Eddy is the self-appointed leader of the Eds which includes his pals and lackeys Ed and Edd, Eddy is usually the one who thinks up most of the scams (con tricks) in the show, often in pursuit of money and jawbreakers. Eddy is shown to be arrogant, selfish, cunning and determined to get rich at any cost, often being seen as a villain in the show. Eddy is willing to go to extreme lengths for popularity, revenge, pranks, money, and self-validation.

Villainous roles

  • He frequently betrays his friends and abuses them (particularly Ed) when they do something wrong.
  • He cheats against Ed and Edd in "Ed or Tails" as an attempt to earn a jawbreaker from a contest. He cheats again in "All Eds Are Off" by making everyone lose their bets. Though he loses to Ed at the last minute.
  • In "Look Into My Eds", he hypnotizes various kids in the Cul-de-Sac to obey his commands, thanks to a psychology manual he recieved in the mail. It ends up falling into the hands of the Kanker Sisters, who then hypnotize him and the other Eds.
  • In "An Ed in the Bush", Eddy dragged Ed and Edd into scaring the daylights out of the Urban Rangers (The Eds briefly joined them in a previous episode, but were dismissed for failing to earn a badge, causing Eddy to despise them) who were camping out in the woods. After pillaging the campsite and hanging Jimmy by his retainer on a tree branch, Rolf turned the tables on the Eds by trapping them and scaring the body fluids out of them as the Belly Button Eater.
  • In "Momma's Little Ed", Eddy finds out Edd's parents send him requests through sticky notes. He and Ed write notes which bring Edd to reluctantly humiliate himself, to the point where he is unable to stay at his own home.
  • In "Robbin' Ed" Jonny and Plank under the guise of Captain Melonhead and Splinter the Wonder-wood foiled one of Eddy's latest scams. In a bid for revenge, Eddy donned the supervillain mantle of "Professor Scam" a money-hungry Megalomaniac in his underwear. Professor Scam had nearly defeated Captain Melonhead if Ed had not turned against him.
  • Jimmy is a frequent victim of Eddy, a likely culprit behind Jimmy's gradual antagonism, in a similar manner to how he was antagonized by his brother.
    • In "Ed in a Halfshell", Eddy teaches Jimmy to scam people and he eventually rebels against the Eds. At the end of the episode, Edd said to Eddy he created a monster, who responded that it makes me feel all warm inside.
    • In "If It Smells Like An Ed", he humiliated Jimmy by giving him a wedgie (despite Jimmy doing nothing wrong), leading him to frame the three Eds.
    • It is shown in "Every Which Way But Ed" that one of Eddy's scams ruined Jimmy's teeth.
    • He destroys Jimmy's faith in fairytales in "Tinker Ed", leading him along with Sarah and Kevin - to humiliate Eddy and his friends in return.
    • In "A Fistful of Ed", he angers Jimmy and makes him attack Edd.
  • In "Brother, Can You Spare an Ed?", he persuades Ed to buy jawbreakers rather than the fudge Sarah requested. To pay her back, he allows Kevin to give Ed and Edd wedgies (hanging them to branches) and has Jonny whack them like pinatas. The other Eds end up punishing Eddy in a similar but worse manner.
  • After losing his magazines in "The Luck of the Ed", Eddy accuses his friends for joining Kevin in a scheme. He takes away Edd's hat and Ed's monobrow, threatening to throw them into the sewer unless they confess the truth.
  • After being humiliated and backstabbed by Kevin in "Your Ed Here", Eddy does the same thing to Edd, who was only trying to console him.
  • He tries numerous times to smash Ed's violin in "Pain in the Ed".
  • In "Dueling Eds", Eddy disgraces one of Rolf's family traditions and depresses him. This involves throwing a sea cucumber ball towards a fence and inadvertently insult him again through a potted lily, which is called the potted shrub of ridicule. He is finally forced to restore Rolf's confidence through a painful duel against him. In addition, he, along with Ed and Edd, were to also forced to accept the Eels of Forgiveness. 
  • In "Postcards from the Ed", Eddy kidnaps Plank's parents for a tour around the Cul-de-Sac and later accidentally "kills" them. 
  • "A Case of Ed" starts with Eddy and Ed taunting Kevin while he was grounded. When Edd tries to talk them out of it, Eddy convinces him he has a deadly disease, bringing him to tears. Upon finding out it was a trick, Edd helps Kevin get back at Ed and Eddy.
  • In "From Here to Ed", Eddy tries to get revenge on Kevin for accidentally ruining his scam.
  • In "This Won't Hurt an Ed", Eddy and Ed pulled an insidiously cruel prank on Kevin into making him think it's the school's Booster Shot Day (Kevin has trypanophobia, the fear of hypodermic needles). Unbeknownst to Eddy, he also terrified almost everyone at school (except for Jonny and the Kankers (due to the lack of fear of the needle and not being in the episode respectively)). Edd soon discovered Eddy's ruse and convinced Kevin to punish him in a fitting manner. Thus, Eddy wounds up recieving a booster shot while Kevin bore witness to his agony. This was one of Eddy's worst acts and almost led to him crossing the Moral Event Horizon.
  • In the Christmas special "Jingle Jingle Jangle", he is sneaks a peek at his future gifts. Ungrateful of what his parents bought for him, he sets off to other kids' homes to take their presents (and eats Jimmy's gingerbread props). He eventually realizes that the true spirit of Christmas comes from the heart and not material possessions. Unfortunately, this changes after Santa leaves behind a sack of gifts for kids, with Eddy taking the whole package for himself. However, Ed pulled away the sack from Eddy's grip and it landed by the kids at the park. When trying to get them back, the Kankers trapped the Eds in the shed for the remainder of the episode.
  • In "Every Which Way But Ed" he is shown to be the one responsible behind Jimmy's broken teeth. As bonus crimes, he puts a skunk in Ed's mouth and steals a jawbreaker from Jonny 2x4.   
  • In "Truth or Ed", Eddy abuses the school newspaper business by publishing untrue stories about various kids, causing quarrels between them. He also tries running off with the money he earned which was supposed to be a student fund. As an ultimate punishment, the kids have Eddy knit the world's biggest doily as the first and only member of the knitting club.   
  • During a football match between a rival school in "Tight End Ed", Eddy tries to steal Ed's role as the Peach Creek mascot.
  • Following several horrible mishaps in "A Fistful of Ed", Eddy pretends to be a tough guy to take advantage of Edd's new unwilling reputation as a school thug. Soon Jimmy finds out the truth and fakes a fight to clear Double D's name. However, Eddy taunted Jimmy to the point where he turns feral and viciously mauls Edd. Despite Eddy's cold-hearted nature in this episode, he does show morality at the end by scaring off the Kankers. 

Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show

I made it all up, Double D. Everything about my brother was a lie. I made things up so people would like me. Think I was cool. But, boy was I wrong. The scam, my brother...this... when am I gonna learn Double D?
~ Eddy admitting he did everything so people would like him

The series finale movie begins with Eddy and his friends being chased out of Peach Creek for a scam which injured the kids and destroyed part of the cul-de-sac. Eddy leads his gang to his older brother's place to ensure they are truly safe from the angry kids (who have ventured off to hunt them down).

As it later turns out, Eddy had some very bad history with his family as shown when his brother was beating him up. Constant abuse from his brother forced him to become the jerk the kids knew him as. In the end of the series, he is forgiven for what he's done and becomes friends with everyone (except for Johnny and Plank who most likely became outcasts).


  • Eddy has many similarities to Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob SquarePants. Both of them are greedy con artists who would just do about anything for money, and come up with a large variety of scams to obtain it. However, Eddy has a moral conscience, whereas Mr. Krabs is much more of a sociopath, especially in the seasons after The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.
    • Also, Eddy and Mr. Krabs each share a similar moment that can be considered as their Moral Event Horizon (though in Eddy's case, he would later be redeemed, so he didn't technically cross it): Eddy's exploitation of Kevin's deathly fear of needles to the point of Kevin having a nervous breakdown in the episode "This Won't Hurt an Ed" was similar to Mr. Krabs' exploitation of Plankton's deathly fear of whales to the point of Plankton almost committing suicide in the episode "One Coarse Meal".
  • Eddy also has many similarities to Calvin from the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. Both of them are extremely narcissistic jerks who are greedy and have traits of megalomania. Both Eddy and Calvin are depicted as outcasts in their settings as well (though Eddy is more aware of his being an outcast than Calvin is, and Calvin spends so much time in his own world that he doesn't seem to care about being accepted by his peers, like Eddy does). Also, Calvin's relationship with Susie Derkins is similar to Eddy's relationship with the majority of the kids in the Cul-de-Sac, and Calvin's relationship with Moe is also comparable to Eddy's relationship with Kevin. Also, for most of the series, Ed and Edd are Eddy's only real friends, similar to how Hobbes seems to be Calvin's only friend (though he and Susie are occasionally friendly to each other).
  • Eddy also shares some similarities with Henry Van Statten, a minor character in the Sci-fi series Doctor Who, the most prominent of which is their greed, arrogance, and selfishness. Eddy's scams are also very similar to how Van Statten exploits alien technology. Also, Eddy's often abusive treatment of his friends is not unlike the way Van Statten treats many of his employees.
    • Also, in the very first episode of Ed, Edd, n Eddy, "The Ed-Touchables", there is a scene where Eddy interrogates Johnny 2x4 that looks very similar to the scene where Van Statten tortures the Doctor in the episode "Dalek".
  • His I.D. in the episode "Your Ed Here" has revealed many things about him. His middle name is "Skipper", he is 12 years old (though this may have changed through the course of the series) and lives on 220 Rathink Avenue.
    • Eddy is also the only character in the whole series to have his age and address revealed.
  • Eddy broke the Fourth Wall 17 times, more than any other character in the show.
  • Eddy is actually considerably strong despite his small size, as evidenced in "The Luck of the Ed" when he is able to pick Ed up by his legs, hold him above his head and then smash him down on Edd. There have been other moments of extraordinary strength, such as when he is able to pick Kevin up and body slam him multiple times in "Ready, Set... Ed!". There are other moments where he can very easily subdue people, push them, and/or throw them.
  • When he is Professor Scam, he can surprisingly launch neon dollar signs out of his skull (which is dubbed as his Ray of Riches).
  • Eddy can become extremely angry, aggressive, and/or crazy if any of the following happen to him.
    • When there aren't any kids for him to scam.
    • When people start destroying his room and breaking his personal items for no purpose.
    • When he loses his magazines and they are not found after a while.
  • Eddy has compared his accomplishments to his brother's multiple times in the show, hinting at a sort of inferiority complex, and given Eddy's Brother's character (as revealed in the movie), Eddy's Brother could have gloated about his success to Eddy.
  • In the movie, Eddy has some considerable character development. Eddy felt remorse and tearfully apologized for and admitted his wrongdoing in all of his past actions, thus setting the stage for his immediate change in personality and his immediate acceptance into popularity.
  • Eddy displayed paranoia when he was accepted by the kids as "Carl" in "Pick an Ed", implying that he may have trust issues, most likely due to his history with his brother.
  • It is rumored that Eddy's last name might be "McGee" because Ed has called him "Eddy McGee" twice in the series; the first time was in "My Fair Ed" and the second was in "Mission Ed-Possible". This speculation may be false, because in both occasions, Ed was attempting to rhyme words, and McGee was one of the words he chose to rhyme.
  • Danny Antonucci said that he based Eddy on his two sons, because both Eddy and Danny's sons love to scam.


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