Eddie Squirrel 300
Eddie the Squirrel is a recurring antagonist in the TV series CatDog.

A squirrel who is a Greaser wannabe who appeared always wanted to join the Greaser Dogs in CatDog . Eddie is always getting beat by the Greasers and many others in Nearburg, He is a gray squirrel with red shorts and bandages on his head with a blue nose. Eddie is unable to join the Greasers because he's not a dog, he's to annoying, and the Greasers can only have three members in the gang. Cat hired Eddie (unknowing that he's evil) to save the house's power in "Dog Power". Eddie makes fun of Dog, making him furious. The first time a rivalry of Eddie and Dog was forme d. It was proven in "Rinky Dinks" that Eddie is evil. He finally joins the Greaser Dogs when they challange Cat to a hockey game. After that, Eddie is no longer a greaser. Eddie seeks revenge in "New Cat in Town" when he becomes Catzilla. He also treats Nearburg like his slaves (even main villain Rancid Rabbit). Eddie is voiced by Dwight Schultz.


  • Might be a parody to Ripper Roo.
  • Equivilant to Donny from Adventure Time.
  • Eddie finally became a member of the Greaser Dogs in "Rinky Dinks". However, Cliff continued to not invite him in "New Cat in Town"
  • Eddie looks more like a rat, a weasel or even a harbor seal than a squirrel.