Eddie the gerebil

Eddie the Gerbil or simply known as Eddie, was a one-time character in The Fairly Oddparents. He made his appearance in "That's Life!" He was the gerbil that died from starvation (due to Timmy's parents forgetting to feed him) and then buried in the Turner's backyard.

When Timmy Turner wished for his mom's garden to be full of life, Eddie was also brought back to life overnight. The next day, he often attacked Timmy until the point where he realized that Timmy's Dad was supposed to feed him while Timmy was away at summer camp and decided to kill him. During the Garden Contest, after Eddie tried to strike Timmy's Dad, Timmy warns him about Eddie. Timmy's Dad pointed out that his mom was the one that forgot to feed him last summer. Eddie was shown to have the ability to grow claws easily. In the kitchen, Eddie tried to use a giant axe to kill Timmy's Mom, but Timmy grabbed on the rope and Cosmo literally kicks her out the door. Timmy apoligized while hanging on the rope, which led Eddie to a change of heart, by saving Timmy and Wanda from getting crushed by a can of yams. In the end, after being friends with Eddie again, it was shown that Timmy had several undead pets that were also buried in the backyard while he was away at summer camp.