20111031024123!Eddie the Eel

Eddie the Eel is a minor adversary of the first two Freddi Fish games. He is a green electric eel who is always in the way of Freddi and Luther and showing his electric shock in front of them, whether they first try to get to the three caves (even if it is one of the clues). Since he never gets anything to eat in either game, he never lets Freddi and Luther get past, whether it is to enter either of the three caves or to get a life preserver (if it's one of the required things for a trap). In both cases, he demands Freddi and Luther get out before he "has to" eat them. The way to get it over with in both games is to give him Grandma Grouper's last peanut butter and jellyfish sandwich (intended for the journey) and a chocolate worm doodle, respectively. It is after both cases that he's out of the way.