Eddie Poole

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Eddie Poole is one of villains of 1999 film 8MM is a cruel and sleezy talent scott who is responsible for papaincted rape and murder of Mary Ann Mathews.

He was portrayed by the late James Gandolfini who also portrayed Kenny Kane and Ben Pinkwater


Eddie and Dino Velvet were porn directors who obsessed for making snuff and violent porn films and lured young girls and women for promising career include 17 year old Mary Ann Mathews who dreamed to become Hollywood actress just like small town girls become superstars after being runaway and abandoned by her boyfriend. Mary Ann unknowingly accept Poole's offer for participant snuff film, which they filmed their henchman Machine raped, tortured and murdered Mary Ann. the video was sent to their good friend Daniel Longdale's client Mr. Christian who is addicted to porn and dies for watching snuff film which led his widow hired Private investigator Tom Welles to investigation about a young girl and sees the video about Mary Ann's last moments which lead ???