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Accidents happen.
~ Eddie Kim's famous quote (about venomous snakes he put on the Flight 121 in order to murder Sean Jones).
They say the higher you aim, the farther you fall.
~ Eddie Kim

Edward "Eddie" Kim is the main antagonist of the 2006 infamously ridiculous action/horror movie Snakes On A Plane.

He was portrayed by Byron Lawson.


He is a vicious international criminal who brutally beat U.S. prosecutor Daniel Hayes to death, an act of which was witnessed by young surfer Sean Jones. Though he managed to escape from the crime scene on his dirt bike in Hawaii, Kim learned of Sean's witnessing and subsequently devised a plan to put a time-release crate full of venomous snakes inside the cargo hold of a Boeing 747-400 jet airliner South Pacific Air Flight 121 in order to prevent Sean - who was escorted by two FBI agents Neville Flynn and John Sanders - from reaching Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and testifying against him in a trail in LA.

It is hinted at the end that he will be executed on multiple accounts of murder and attempted murder due to putting snakes on the plane and putting every passenger and crew member's life in mortal danger after everyone including the snakebite victims made a safe emergency landing to the LAX terminal and were given a supply of antivenoms recovered from a man in Los Angeles named Kraitler who is responsible for a large illegal collection of rare snakes from all over the globe and have a crate of those snakes aboard Flight 121 under Kim's orders.



  • When he was torturing and later killing Daniel Hayes, Kim told him that Hayes' son would soon grow up without a father just like Kim did which made him turned out "ok".
  • He shares similarities with Mossi Kasic from Let's Be Cops as they are both fighters, being wanted international criminals and prone to violence.