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Eddie Gluskin's Uncle was a unseen villain in in the sequel Outlast: Whistleblower of the horror game Outlast. He is only mentioned in one of the documents created by Murkoff Corporation talking about some of the most striking parts of the childhood of Eddie Gluskin.


Nothing is known about Eddie Gluskin's Uncle early life, apart from the fact that he and Eddie Gluskin's Father sexually abused Eddie in his childhood.

Document Content

"Case Number: 196 
Project Walrider Patient Status Report of Eddie Gluskin

Project Walrider Patient Status Report of Eddie Gluskin


Consultation Dated: 2013.02.14 

Patient Age: 46 

Gender: Male 

Observing Physician: Dr. Garett Snow


Lucid dreaming figures remain as murky as ever; Gluskin claims near constant control of his dream state, yet correspondence between his narrative and REM cycles. Highly arhythmic REM/NREM. Morphogenic Engine activity plateaus at 90 PPM.


Heavy bronchial accumulation. The rashes associated with hormone therapy have receded and vanished since we stopped using latex tubing.


Gluskin remains a frustrating interview subject; he's still trying to tell us what he thinks we want to hear, while studiously avoiding certain elements of the truth. His childhood remains an obvious fiction, he's claiming to have grown up in "Leave it to Beaver," despite a traumatically violent ongoing sexual experience that is a matter of public and medical record. When I confronted him with the photographs his father and uncle took, he responded with a mixture of laughter and anger, and restraints were issued.

He similarly refuses to discuss his victims, both categorically and specifically. When I showed him pictures of the women, he would not admit that they were dead or mutilated.

He is still claiming advancement in the Morphogenic Engine program that he has not yet achieved, said that he could clearly hear the voice of the Walrider just by closing his eyes. Clearly he's still trying to curry the favor of his doctors. I won't speculate what he expects to gain by it."