~ Eddie's common line when somebody does not listen or agree with him.

Eddie Connolly was one of the characters of the Doctor Who episode "The Idiots Lantern." While the Wire is the main antagonist of the episode, Eddie is shown to be an utterly selfish jerk who will do anything to protect his reputation, even if it means betraying his family and neighbours.

He is portrayed by Jamie Foreman.


Rather than be concerned for his mother in law and neighbours who have been mysteriously loosing their faces he instead notifies the authorities so that he could avoid a bad image. When his mother in law is affected he locks her up in the attic and bullies his wife and son into ignoring all that is happening.

When the Doctor comes and demands to see her, he calls the police and has grandma taken away against his families wishes. He is also shown to be very controlling: forcing his wife to cook and decorate the house for his family to celebrate the Queen's Coronation, and forbidding his son to go to college instead telling him he has to work along side him and he also beats his son and shows him little to no affection. As well as incredibly irritable and arrogant bursting into fits of rage when things do not go his way.

At the end of the episode, after his wife learns that he was the one who sold out her mother and their neighbours she finally decided she had enough of him and threw him out of the house. While his son expresses that he is glad his dad is leaving the Doctor and Rose send him after him saying that even idiots like Eddie Connoly deserve a second chance.


  • He is the titular Idiots Lantern. His son is following in his footsteps and if he hadn't realized his father was a fool he would have ended up just like him. Thus his son was following in his footsteps but he realized his father was cruel in time.