Eddie Caputo

Eddie Caputo

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Edward "Eddie" Caputo was a petty criminal and the secondary antagonist of the original Child's Play horror movie.

He was portrayed by Neil Giuntoli.


The former accomplice of Charles Lee Ray, Caputo was his getaway driver and fellow serial killer, but on the night of his death by police, Ray was abandoned by Caputo, which cost him his life.

Later on in the movie, Ray (having now transferred his soul into a doll and became Chucky), sneaks into Caputo's house, seeking revenge on him for driving away without him and leaving him to be killed by the police. Chucky turns out a stove's pilot light, and Eddie, sensing someone is in his home, fires his gun in defense, causing the house to explode and kill Caputo.


  • He is the 2nd victim of Chucky after he becomes a doll. However, he could possibly be Chucky's 5th or even 14th victim overall.