Eddie and Chloe, they are as crocodiles. Wide smiles to devour the innocent, but remember, those who deal in darkness will forever remain in the dark
~ Aten discussing Eddie and Chloe

Eddie and Chloe are the two antagonists in the book The Dream Master. These two young children are students at Cyrus' school and they are rather rebellious, mischievous and irritating. They love cooking up new disruption plans and putting discord in lessons. Their bullying tactics work well because one time someone called them the "Mean Machines" the headmistress came out and said if she heard anyone else being rude about people she'd report them.

This basically means Eddie and Chloe can get away with anything.

When Cyrus screws up his dreams, bringing Aten (the teenage Tutankhamun) into the present, Eddie and Chloe mercilessly bully Aten, commenting on his clothes being scruffy and obviously poor and despite all his rich uncles he can't have done well. The headmistress comes up and asks if things are okay, and Eddie assures her that he is just making friends. Aten tells the headmistress that Eddie and Chloe are like crocodiles, and she doubts him.

Eddie and Chloe steal Aten's ankh which is his spiritual vessel. He frantically searches for the ankh and despite the headmistress getting a search ordered, Aten and Cyrus go into the school hall to search for it. Eddie and Chloe lock the door in the cupboard and make off. But Cyrus and Aten escape from being locked in.

When Aten and Cyrus go back to the hall after hours to look for the ankh, Eddie and Chloe show up and Chloe reveals the ankh. She taunts Aten with it, but the Dream Master has told Cyrus the ankh can't be worn or touched in this time. Chloe and Eddie look scared when Aten demands it back so Chloe throws the ankh at him. Cyrus warns Aten not to touch it, but he puts it over his neck and the dimension explodes, revealing a portal to ancient Egypt. All of them are sucked in.

In the ancient world, Eddie and Chloe become crocodiles, submerged in slimy water, and try to eat Cyrus' sister and her friends, but Aten saves them and muzzles the crocodiles.

When they are all returned to modern times, Eddie and Chloe are revealed to have been drenched in dirty pond water but returned to their human forms. Aten shows the headmistress his ankh and she gives Eddie and Chloe a disciplinary, calling them to her office tomorrow.

Eddie and Chloe are assigned to pick up trash as punishment and are humiliated into being humble.