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Edgar "Eddie" Mauser, Norbert "Norby" LeBlaw and Victor "Veeko" Riley are the adversaries of the 1994 family-comedy film "Baby's Day Out". They are three klutzy would-be kidnappers who disguise as photographers from the newspaper in order to abduct the main character, Baby Bink Crotwell. However, they have difficulty controlling him while waiting for their ransom, causes the baby escape smoothly and roam entire city in process.

These idiotic goons chases the baby as he escape, but they often had unfortunate events as the chase goes on. Ironically, it's not the Baby Bink's naive nature that causes them, but these three klutzy causes their own bad luck, mainly because they rarely think the consequences of their actions. For example, one of them causes his pants set ablaze when he hide the baby from police and unaware that the baby plays with their lighter.

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