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Ed Peletier was a minor character and supporting antagonist in The Walking Dead TV series. He constantly abused his wife and daughter, Carol and Sophia, just to show his dominance. One day, Ed punched Carol, causing Shane to beat him severely and threaten to kill him.

That night, Ed was the first to be killed by the Walkers when they invaded the camp. In season 2 of the show, Carol revealed that Ed had looked at Sophia, implying that he was ready to sexually abuse her as well.

He was portrayed by Adam Minarovich.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

  • 1x03: "Tell It to the Frogs"
  • 1x04: "Vatos"
  • 1x05: "Wildfire" (Corpse)

Season 2

  • 2x05: "Chupacabra" (Flashback)

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