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Ed Killifer is a villain in the 1989 James Bond movie, License To Kill.

He was played by Everett McGill.
Ed Killifer - Profile (Small)

He seems to be an honest man when he's first introduced intimidating Franz Sanchez, cocaine drug dealer and main villain, and tells him he has a private cell waiting for him at Quantico. Later he thanks Bond and Leiter at Leiter's wedding. Killifer turns out to be corrupt when he accepts Sanchez's $2,000,000 bribe and deliberately crashes the van carrying Sanchez off the Seven Mile Bridge in Key West by knocking out the driver with his rifle. Both Killifer and Sanchez escape in a 2 man shark hunter sub, courtesy of Milton Krest, another of Sanchez's henchman.

Killifer collects his $2,000,000 reward and watches as Leiter is lowered in a great white shark tank. Horrified and shocked, Leiter says Killifer ? and the crooked dea agent replies sorry old buddy, but 2 mil's a helluva chunk of dough. Killifer almost faints and vomits though when he watches Leiter getting maimed by a great white shark.

When Bond kills 2 guards at Krest's Ocean Exotica, Killifer holds Bond at gunpoint and opens the same trap door, which was used in the torture of Leiter. But before Killifer can usher Bond into the tank, he's knocked off balance by Sharkey, Bond's and Leiter's ally, who enters the Ocean Exotica from another trapdoor below Killifer. Killifer manages to grab and hold on to a rope over the shark tank and begs Bond to spare him and he'll split his bribe money with him. Instead Bond refuses and throws the briefcase of 2 million dollars at Killifer, who falls into the shark tank and gets viciously eaten alive by the great white shark, that maimed Leiter. 

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