Ed is from the "Samurai Jack" series. He is in episode 28 "Rave Slaves"

Samurai jack rave slayer logo

Rave Slaves

Ed works for Aku as a enforce/slave master.

Ed is a dj who uses his music to hypnotize a towns teenage population. He uses his music to make the teenagers do criminal acts, such as stealing, mugging, and etc. None of the towns people would rise against Ed because they didn't want to fight there chlidren which made it easier for Ed to oppress the towns people. Jack comes accross this town and learns of the there problems by talking with the town inn manger and defending the town from the teenagers assault. After the attack samurai jack follows the teenagers and disguised himself as a teenagers so he could blend in with the crowd at Ed's out door club playing another concert. He is able to sneak in with out any troubles. Ed spots Jack and orders the teenagers to attack. Once Jack fights through the teenagers and gets onto the stage he kicks Ed away from his turn tables preventing him from having further control over the teenagers and prevents them from attacking.


Ed fighting Jack in hand to hand comabat.

Ed and Jack start fighting hand to hand. Eds fighting style is like a mma fight mixed with battle dancing. Ed notices he is losing the fight so he moves back over by his turn tables and presses a button that turns his turn tables into a giant robot. Once in this form he tackles Jack into a deep muddy pit. Ed gets a beats up and shoots at jack eventaully Jack sneaks behind Ed and cuts the robot in half vertically. This cause's the robot to blow up, this knocks out Ed. after the explosion the teenagers are free and return home to their familes and apolgize for what they have done. Ed lives but the show dosn't really explian what happens to him. The last time he is seen in the show is lying unconscious in the pit face up.



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