Eclipso (DC)

Eclipso is a DC Comics supervillain. He is a manifestation of God's wrath and anger who was made into the Angel of Vengeance, but after he turned evil he was replaced by the Spectre. Eclipso is responsible for the Great Flood that occurred during Biblical times.

A magical being of incalculable strength, Eclipso has demonstrated the powers of flight, invulnerability, and the ability to emit deadly rays of dark light from his/her left eye. Eclipso possesses vast magical powers that allow him/her to perform such feats as manipulation of the weather and seas to cause natural disasters (floods, thunderstorms, etc), increase his/her size and to that of a giant, and project powerful energy from his/her hands that can stun or kill his/her opponents. Eclipso is able to possess anyone who touches the cursed gem, controlling the host's powers and memories to Eclipso's own twisted ends.