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Eclipse Leo (レオ Reo), "The Lion" (獅子宮 Shishikyū), is the eclipse version of the celestial spirit Leo and is part of the twelve gold keys. His Key is owned by Lucy Hearfilia. The contract then broke making Leo to rebel alongside the rest of the Zodiac spirits. He is an antagonist in Fairy Tail.


Eclipse Leo keeps the form of original counterpart but with a few changes such as getting rid of his suit and glasses. He now wears an armor which consists of a black and gold color which has a blue cape attached to it. On top of his white skirt it conatains the Leo constellation. His hair has grown exceptionally and closely resembles a lion.


Leoe's personality had changed drastically to his original version and now despises women. He is then cold towards his owner lucy and says that he does not remember her ultimatily he shows no care for her and desires to create the perfect freedom.

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