Echinus Famelicare
Echinus Famelicare (エキヌス・ファメリカーレ Ekinusu Famerikāre?, 28): A Sea Urchin Lord (シーアーチンロード Shī Āchin Rōdo?), his method of killing is using saliva on people, making it appear that they had died of starvation. He could also throw urchin-shaped grenades named the Abyssal Caltrops (深淵の菱 Shin'en no Hishi?). Famelicare was responsible for killing a man while he was driving with his wife, the crash killing her in the process. He then targeted their only son Kazuki Asano, thought Agito briefly interfered and fought him in Storm and Ground Forms, eventually escaping Agito's attack. When Famelicare attempted again to kill the boy, Ryo Ashihara battled the Lord as Gills, killing the Lord with his Gills Heel Claw.