Echigoya Tokubei is the son of the deceased evil merchant Echigoya. In Rikimaru's story in Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven, Tokubei invited Gohda's statesman Nasu to the Echigoya estate for dinner and to overlook the selling of village girls. Just as Nasu was about to rape a girl, Rikimaru came in and explained what was going on. Tokubei fled as Nasu and his guards were killed. After being forced out of hiding, Tokubei explains that one of Gohda's men, Hamada is working with him. Just before he can give more information, Tokubei is grisly killed by Onikage.

In Ayame's story, Egoro Tajima mentioned his name to prove that he inherited his father's crime business. After explaining the power of the 3 Jewels Gohda uses, Ayame intervenes and kills Nasu then chases Tokubei. We then see Tokubei begging to an unknown man about the deal and was suddenly cut down before Ayame can get to him.

In Tesshu's story, Tesshu was tasked with murdering Echigoya and Nasu. Although he kills Tokubei, he fails to reach Nasu, because Rikimaru reached him first.