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There is no cure for love...
~ Ebola-chan
Ebola-chan is a meme character created by 4chan in the summer of 2014 as the "goddess of afrocide and disease" making her extremely controversial. She was extremely controversial do to its "making fun" of the ebola virus, and supporting the conspiracy theory that white people created ebola to kill black people.


Ebola-chan is an evil character who spreads xenophobic beliefs of racism, homophobia, and misogyny, apparently hoping for ebola to kill more people, even planning to wipe out all of Africa. She is arrogant, lustful (possibly even a yandere), and has no problem killing entire villages, countries, or random people that even slightly annoy her. She apparently leads a cult that the West Ebola Doctors are supposedly a part of, "explaining" the reason for why ebola still kills people in Africa, because they are "sabotaging their own attempts to cure the virus." Because of this, Ebola-chan is one of the most hated memes started by 4chan.


Ebola-chan is a pale-skinned anime female with yellow eyes (possibly do to ebola), bat wings, and pink pigtails that end in rotting flesh shaped like the ebola virus.

Yandere Simulator

On May 4th, 2016, YandereDev jokingly added "Ebola Mode" to Yandere Simulator (for which he received a small amount of criticism) as a debug mode easter egg. When in the menu, pressing 'E' will transform the character into Ebola-Chan. While in this mode, she runs around the school, causing anyone who touches her to die, presumably of ebola. She is notable for being the only character that can kill Senpai, and can easily wipe out the whole school. Her theme in this mode is Remnant of Twilight from the video game Hyrule Warriors.

The Cult

The joke cult that is dedicated to serving her has been viewed as an extremely tasteless joke and has caused serious controversy, as it caused citizens of several countries affected by the Ebola virus to mistake it for a real cult, which would mean that America and Europe really did create the virus and the Western Ebola doctors are actually spreading the virus instead of treating it to serve the "Ebola demoness called Ebola-chan." The "cult members" were required to say "I Love You Ebola-chan" to gain immunity from the virus. There were rumors that they would go into other, more disgusting rituals such as eating printed pictures of Ebola-chan, or ejaculation on pictures of her. Because of the controversy, many forum websites have banned Ebola-chan posts.

Ebola-chan's Hospital

Currently, the most popular YouTube video starring Ebola-Chan is called Ebola-chan's Hospital. In the episode, she runs an infirmary in which she does more harm than help.


This short starts with Ebola-Chan meeting her first patient, Pepe the frog, who is complaining of eye and crying issues. To get rid of him, she kills him by throwing flesh-eating bacteria into his eye. Next, Ash Ketchum enters the clinic, and says that pikachu doesn't like him anymore. An annoyed and disgusted Ebola-Chan rapes him to death with Pepe's dead body. After the second murder, a PETA representative confronts her, furious that she killed bats and rodents that were carriers for the Ebola virus. After she gets tired of listening to him put animal lives over human lives (which she doesn't care about anyways), she impales the representative to death. Ronald McDonald is her next patient/victim, and he attempts to molest Ebola-Chan, so she infects him, kills him, and dismembers his body. The episode continues with her conversing with old 'friends.' The short ends with her fighting with Cure-Chan.


Ebolachan by tamacchii-d843dn6

Ebola-chan in Yandere Simulator.

Ebola chan el virus caguai png by sirblazepercival-d82fkym

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