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Ebenezer Scrooge is the main anti hero of the Muppets' Christmas Carol - he is identical to his book counterpart.

He is portrayed by actor Michael Caine.

Muppets Christmas Carol- Scrooge Song02:35

Muppets Christmas Carol- Scrooge Song


Much of Scrooge's backstory is identical to that of his book counterpart save for the fact that instead of being the former partner of Jacob Marley he was instead the partner of two greedy and corrupt businessmen known as Marley and Marley, the two had passed away some time ago and Scrooge had been the only one to attend their funeral.

After gaining full control over the company Scrooge mistreated his workers (which included one of Kermit the Frog's many ancestors and/or alter egoes) - he shared the same hatred of Christmas as the Scrooge from the original tale and was also extremely rude and unpleasant towards those he saw as "below" him on the social order, the poor and downtrodden were nuisances at best to him and his uncaring (sometimes outright cruel) attitude only served to make him hated and feared by those around him.

Yet just as in the original tale Scrooge was to get a rude awakening on Christmas Eve in the form of an unexplicable supernatural event that began with the manifestation of Marley and Marley - who were now ghosts tormented in shackles for years of misdeeds, the two spectres warned Scrooge of the horrors of undeath (via the song "Marley and Marley") before being dragged back to purgatory, before they left however they told him that he would soon be visited by three spirits.

So it was that Scrooge was visited by the Ghost Of Christmas Past, a child-like spectre that takes Scrooge on a voyage to his more carefree youth but the lesson becomes too painful for Scrooge when he sees how his love of money ultimately cost him the love of Belle, a young woman he had hoped to marry.

Scrooge is distraught but still unrepentive when he is visited by the Ghost Of Christmas Present - a jolly giant who is so full of benevolence that even Scrooge can't help joking with him as he takes Scrooge on an eventful voyage of discovery, opening his mind to the joys of Christmas but also showing him a few uncomfortable truths about how his misdeeds had been effecting others and himself.

Scrooge is then visited by the ghost that is always depicted as the most sinister, the Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come - true to form the spectre appears as a huge cloaked figure and is completely mute - showing Scrooge his own grave and the ghoulish delight others take in his demise, the spirit also shows Scrooge how due to his uncaring attitude towards others the young Tiny Tim has died of an unknown illness.

Unable to cope with such visions Scrooge begs the spirit to take him back and promises to change only to wake up in his room, the night having passed to reveal Christmas Day at last - a fully reformed Scrooge proceeds to undo all the evil he had spread and became a respectable member of his community (just as he had done in the original story).

Song Lyrics

When a cold wind blows it chills you Chills you to the bone But there's nothing in nature that freezes your heart Like years of being alone

It paints you with indifference Like a lady paints with rouge And the worst of the worst, the most hated and cursed Is the one that we call Scrooge Unkind as any, and the wrath of many This is Ebenezer Scrooge

Oh, there goes Mr. Humbug There goes Mr. Grim If they gave a prize for being mean The winner would be him Old Scrooge, he loves his money Cause he thinks it gives him power If he became a flavour you can bet he would be sour

There goes Mr. Skinflint There goes Mr. Greed The undisputed master of the underhanded deed He charges folks a fortune for his dark and drafty houses Us poor folk live in misery It's even worse for mouses  (Please sir, I want some cheese)

He must be so lonely, he must be so sad He goes to extremes to convince us he's bad He's really a victim of fear and of pride Look close and there must be a sweet man inside (Nah . . . uh uh)

There goes Mr. Outrage There goes Mr. Sneer He has no time for friends or fun His anger makes that clear Don't ask him for a favour cause his nastiness increases No crust of bread for those in need No cheeses for us meeces

There goes Mr. Heartless There goes Mr. Cruel He never gives, he only takes He lets his anger rule If being mean's a way of life you practice and rehearse Then all that work is paying off, cause Scrooge is getting worse Every day in every way Scrooge is getting worse 

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