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"that's the fun part about being filthy rich, you get to see what desperate people will do for money!" ~ Ebeneezer (shortly before he's murdered by Goofy)

Ebeneezer was the main villain of the fifth installment of the YouTube series known as Prostitute Mickey and was a very dark character, even by the show's exploitative design - he was a parody of Scrooge McDuck but had all likable traits erased to the point that even a few flashbacks showed him as little more than a sexual predator.

The story began with Mickey being visited by three ghosts (like in a Christmas Carol) - who were convinced he was Ebeneezer (despite him continually saying he wasn't).

The first ghost was the spirit of Christmas past and showed Mickey the first glimpse of Ebeneezer.

Ebeneezer was a rich old man who forced a young Mickey to endure being pissed on for five bucks, knowing that the mouse would do it because of extreme poverty - it was implied by Mickey himself this was a regular occurrence and one of the main reasons he became a prostitute in later life (in the show's typical dark humor Mickey comments "looking back I'd probably of asked for more money").

After this Mickey was sent to the present where another spirit showed him an image of himself, claiming Ebeneezer had made Mickey's life so miserable he attempted suicide several times (Mickey, getting annoyed at still being called Ebeneezer questioned the spirits as this was "clearly the past").

Finally the ghost of Christmas past reveals to Mickey Ebeneezer's grave and the usually extremely passive Mickey exacts his revenge by pissing on the grave, only to have Ebeneezer's hand reach from beyond the grave and grab his penis - sending him plummeting to Hell.

Thankfully for Mickey this last scene was a nightmare and he awoke the next day to a typical Christmas morning, with Goofy asking if he wanted to smoke some crystal meth and rob a convenience store (Mickey declined).

However when Goofy left Ebeneezer appeared and demanded Mickey provide him with "services" but Mickey refused, saying Ebeneezer would have to pay him "a lot more" if he wanted to piss on him - Ebeneezer mocked Mickey by saying he knew many young boys who would be willing to get pissed on for less, saying because he was rich he could do what he wanted.

Yet Ebeneezer's victory was short lived as Goofy randomly came back and mugged then shot him for his wallet - killing him.