Eastern Bloc Robot Cowboy is an eastern European supervillain from the final season of the animated series The Tick by Ben Edlund. Like Brain from DC Comics he has the brain of a scientist and machinist inside of his robotic body, but as he is a parody, his body is the frame of a vending machine, with a mechanical talking face which speaks with an American southwestern sterotypical speech pattern. He teams with Octo Paganini to try to take over Belgium.

Evil deeds

EBRC is brought to the city of Antwerp by Octo Paganini to build a robotic replica of the king of Belgium to be used to take over the country. He meets the Tick in Antwerp while Paganini's men are kidnapping the king. He challenges the Tick to a duel, but the Tick can not find anything to duel with, and EBRC blasts him hard with dual rayguns, sending him hurtling into a nearby cafe. EBRC builds the robotic impostor and accompanies Octo Paganini to his coronation. The Tick and Blitzen strike at Octo Paganini's coronation. EBRC challenges the Tick to a second duel. This time, the Tick decides to try throwing a quarter into his coin slot. He purchases the brain inside of the vending machine, and EBRC is defeated. EBRC's brain speaks in Russian, though his robot body spoke English.