The Earth Government Colonial Alliance, Earth Government or EarthGov is the main government of Earth and the human colonies and is an antagonist faction in Dead Space. EarthGov is the main executive branch of Earth and the human colonies and is responsible for governing all territories under its control.


EarthGov was formed sometime prior to the 23rd Century following a series of conflicts and disasters that plagued Earth during the late 21st Century. EarthGov seized power and control over all independent national governments on Earth during the events of Aegis VII. It is also speculated that EarthGov seized even more power during post-21st century conflicts such as the Bearing Sea Conflict and the Global Warming Epidemic that decimated the global economy and many sovereign states allowing EarthGov to seize control. Following the instabilities that plagued earth, the new global government set up administrative regions based on geographical regions.


Secession War

Around the late 23rd-early 24th Century, the Sovereign Colonies had been created and began to oppose EarthGov for their tyrannical policies and authoritarian style government. This resulted in an armed conflict that was fought on both earth and the human colonies. The Earth Defense Force then went up against the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces and eventually SCAF took a mining expedition to dig up the Black Marker on Tau Volantis. During the war, the Sovereign Colonies had suffered heavy losses including dwindling resources and dropping public support and the expedition to Tau Volantis had failed with an outbreak of Necromorphs. At the end, the remnants of the Sovereign Colonies and their military had scuttled their fleets and were forced to dissolve at the end resulting in EarthGov taking back all of the territory that they had lost.

Unitologist Uprising

In the aftermath of the Titan Station Incident in 2511, the Earth Government had experienced a period of turmoil from within its structure. In the following years, the Church of Unitology had grown angered at EarthGov for experimenting with the Markers of which they viewed as sacred and support among the public for Unitologist efforts to weaken EarthGov and their military had doubled. An insurrection against EarthGov had began and an organization known as The Circle was formed and it was lead by Jacob Danik during the insurrection.

The Unitologists had viewed the Markers as sacred and holy artifacts and thus, the viewed the EarthGov experiments on the Markers to be sacrilegious and thus, they took violent and extreme measures against EarthGov once they discovered what they were doing. Unitologist terrorists had soon launched multiple attacks against Marker Testing Sites all over the colonies and EarthGov was put into a state of emergency as their inability to stop the Unitologists and curb their efforts were beginning to be noticed by the general public and over the next 16 days, five human colonies (including the Uxor Colony) had fallen to the Unitologists and the Earth Government had refused to acknowledge the scale of the situation. The next colony to be attacked and fall was New Horizons on planet Luna.