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Earth Defence Force(EDF) is the main antagonist organization in the video game Red Faction: Guerrilla. EDF was the paramilitary organization supported by corrupted Earth corporations, and existed as primary governor body of the Mars for 45 years, between two Martian Revolutions. EDF is responsible for brutal regime against Martian miners, which forced people on the Mars to reactivate Red Faction and begin Second Martian Revolution.


First Martian Revolution (Red Faction)

In 2075 SOS signal given by Red Faction insurgents, during First Martian Revolution, forced Earth Defence Forces to came to Mars. Priority target of EDF was to provide help to Martian miners in order to defeat Ultor Corporation terrorising them. Red Faction, by help of EDF, freed people on the Mars from tyranny, and created new government under EDF protection. Hailed as heroes by Mars settlers, a huge memorial was built in its honor. Ultor's factories and laboratories on the Mars became a part of EDF power, and economy of Earth industry.


Second Martian Revolution (Red Faction: Guerrilla)


EDF soldiers.

During 45 years of occupation on the Mars, the EDF became from liberators to occupation force to Martian miners. Reason of this change was very bad economical situation of Earth, engendered by shortage of raw materials, needed in indrusty, which were mostly on the Mars planet. In this situation, Earth government forced Martian miners to work as slaves, without getting any pay. For absolute control miners and prevent any possible rebellions, EDF made many labor camps, and started to practice torture, and public executions. Government on the Mars became puppet in hands of EDF's high commanders and powerful Martian corporations. Miners under new regime, reactivated Red Faction, practicing guerrilla warfare tactics against powerful aggressors from the Earth. By great involvement of rebel Alec Mason, brother of killed by EDF Daniel Mason and member of the guerrilla, Red Faction destroyed HYDRA spaceship, thereby killing head of the EDF admiral Lucius Kobel. After that, half-century regime of EDF on the Mars planet has been ended.

After the War (Red Faction: Origins)


Another HYDRA destroyed.

When EDF has been defeated on the Mars, many of his high commanders have been judged by Martian tribunal. Those who escaped from responsibility, tried to destroy a terraforming device, by another HYDRA spaceship hidden in EDF mountain base, to kill every living form on the Mars in 2125. Alec Mason, along with his son Jake, took his recovered daughter Lyra being part of EDF, from the ship. When siblings were on the ground, Alec took his own spaceship full of exploding tank fuel, and crashed with HYDRA destroying it completely, thereby committing suicide, saving again terraforimng device and people on the Mars. Fate of the EDF, after this accident, is still unknown.