Earl Grey

Earl Grey is a British, color blind super villain who appeared in "The Adventures of Batman and the Bloser", an episode of Mondo Media's Dick Figures.

His master plan was revealed to be to turn the whole world black and white. He uses many super villain tactics against Red and Blue (aka. Batman and the Bloser), including summoning an army of minions (butlers) upon them, picking up and throwing cars at them with (supposedly) psychic abilities, and throwing explosives (teacups) and sharp objects (his diamond-encrusted monacle) at them. He also possesses special bombs that drain all the color from anything/ anyone caught in the blast (including Lord Tourretes). His only weakness is a high concentration of color, which was achieved through Red (Batman) shooting an eye laser into Blue's (Bloser) prism. The prism's laser rainbow blew Earl Gray apart, and also restored color to everything that he had drained color from.

Earl Grey reappeared in "The Fart Knight Rises" as a robot. He planned to steal all the gold medals of the Olympics in London and keep them in his collection of gold. He then tried to kill Batman by exploding his ship but Batman survived. Earl Grey then sent his butlers to destroy Batman but they were immediately defeated by Mr. Dingleberry (aka. Alfredberry). Earl Grey and his two sons Banger and Mash then fought Batman and The Bloser. Batman managed to defeat Earl Grey by kicking the tea cup out of his hands which made him sleepy, and throwing him at the Olympic Torch and farting in the torch causing a big explosion, killing Earl Grey again

He was voiced by Austin Madison, a guest voice actor, who also works for Pixar.