Earl RML
is a character from Rocko's Modern Life.

Physical Appearance

Earl is a bulldog with purple fur, yellow eyes with black pupils, red hair and large lower sharp teeth, and also wears a spiked dog collar.


Earl is a large, mean-looking, purple mutt who resembles a bulldog. He has yellow eyes, red rocker punk hair, and large lower teeth that protrude from his mouth and wears a spiked dog collar. He was initially homeless, and is occasionally locked up at Dr. HP Marten's Institute for Questionable Experiments, due to his viciousness.

Earl enjoys mauling Rocko, Spunky, Ed Bighead, and basically anything else that is alive. In the case of the former two, he has even attempted to devour them both at times. He was adopted by Bev Bighead in the second season after his "fairy dogmother" frees him from Marten's lab, he ate her shortly afterwards. Ed Bighead hates Earl, and in turn, Earl hates Ed, but is loving towards Bev.

At the introduction of the show, Earl chases Rocko and Spunky with Heffer following behind and is crushed by a oversized television.