Earl is the main villain in the Dixie Chicks music video for the song "Goodbye Earl". He is Wanda's husband (as she couldn't find anyone else after looking all around the town, while her best friend Mary Ann left for Atlanta) who abuses her for no reason.

Earl and Wanda got married, but as soon as they started to live together, it wasn't long (not even two weeks) when Wanda decided to divorce Earl, for Earl abused Wanda for the last time, badly injuring her. When Mary Ann (leaving Atlanta) found out that Wanda was in a bad condition, the two girls hatched a plan to kill Earl. They used poison on Earl's black-eyed peas and Earl died after he ate his poisoned peas. Then Wanda and Mary Ann and the Dixie Chicks tossed Earl's corpse into the forest below, disposing him.