The Each Uisge

The Each Uisge

The Each Uisge (Scottish Gaelic: [ɛxˈɯʃkʲə], literally "water horse"), also sometimes spelled "Each-Uisge" and also called called the "Each-Uisce" (anglicized as "Aughisky"), is a malevolent water-spirit from Scottish mythology and is similiar to the Kelpie but regarded as more dangerous - said to inhabit the Highlands of Scotland the Each Uisge was believed to be the most dangerous of all water-dwelling spirits in the British Isles.

Often mistaken as the Kelpie (which was said to inhabit streams and rivers), the Each Uisge lived in the sea, sea lochs, and fresh water lochs.

The Each Uisge was a shape-shifter and would disguise itself as a fine horse, pony or handsome man - on rare occassions it was depicted as a hybrid of man and horse.

While in the form of a horse the Each Uisge was safe to ride as long as the creature was kept far away from water, for even the faintest smell of water triggered the Each Uisge's murderous nature, its skin became adhesive and the creature immediately went to the deepest part of the loch with its victim so as to drown its victim, after the victim had drowned the Each Uisge would tear them apart and devour them entirely save for the liver.

Much like the Kelpie this creature was greatly feared in the Highlands and until fairly recently people were often wary of lone animals and strangers lurking by bodies of water in secluded areas of the Highlands.