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The player attacks the EVIL Syndicate's headquarters.

The EVIL Syndicate are the main antagonists of the Nintendo video game Pilotwings. Their headquarters is located on Izanu Island.


While not hinted in the plot, as the game progresses, the player is told by Big Al that for reasons unknown, the player's flight instructors, Tony, Lance, and Shirley were captured and held hostage by the EVIL Syndicate when reaching Izanu Island. For political reasons, military authorities cannot attempt a rescue, presumably to negotiate. As a result, the player is sent in to fly an Apache gunship to wipe out the EVIL Syndicate and rescue the instructors, in which he is successful. However, on the second playthrough, the EVIL Syndicate returns and kidnaps Big Al's brother, a government VIP who opposes the organization. In the end, the player takes off once again in the Attack Apache Helicopter and rescues the VIP, finally defeating the EVIL Syndicate for good.

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