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DM X-90 Elimination Unit, ready for duty.
~ DM X-90 Crime Elimination Unit aka Dynomutt X-90.

Dynomutt X-9, also known as DM X-90 Crime Elimination Unit, is an advanced crime fighting canine android created by Dexter as a replacement for the heroic Dynomutt to be the Blue Falcon's new sidekick.

After Dynomutt temporarily restored and later deactivated due to "being bad as Deedee" as described by Deedee's brother Dexter because his gullibility, Dexter himself decided to create a new partner for Blue Falcon. Dynomutt X-90 was constructed and was fully ready for duty, but, as expected from many a botched-up experiment Dexter makes, due to its violent and tremendously strict enforcement of the law, Dexter and Blue Falcon were forced to destroy it.

The real Dynomutt came to the rescue and used his feline disguise against Dynomutt X-90 in their one-on-one fight before launching a bomb (cleverly disguised as dog bone) which immobilized him and gave Dexstar (Dexter's superhero alter ego) the chance to deactivate him.



  • He was voiced by famous voice actor Frank Welker who also voiced Dynomutt.

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