You can't retire me no matter how hard you try... I'll give you a little advice... You... Sigma... Everybody is always too hot when they fight. But not me. I am the coolest and wisest of all. If you can't understand, then I'll just have to show you. Come on and fight me!
~ Dynamo to Zero.

Dynamo (ダイナモ, Dainamo) is one of the villains from the Mega Man X series.


Dynamo is a mercenary reploid, who holds no allegiances, but works for anyone who pays him. He is hired by Sigma to sabotage the controls of the Eurasia Space Colony, changing its orbit into a collision route with Earth. Meanwhile, Sigma is purposefully destroyed by X and Zero, which spreads his Sigma Virus in the entire planet. The Maverick Hunters then starts running against the clock to stop the colony, collecting parts for the Enigma cannon. Dynamo interrupts them, and being a fine sportsman sends a message for X and Zero challenging them for a battle. His mission now was to disturb the Maverick Hunters. He holds back and just play with X and Zero to test their abilities, but he is obviously defeated. As the Enigma plan fails, they start a new plan to enhance a space shuttle to stop the colony, and Dynamo once again challenges them, this time fighting with all his power. He is once again defeated, fleeing before being destroyed by X and Zero and alerting them of their future.

Dynamo would be once again seen during the Nightmare Incident, this time working by himself. He was collecting nightmare souls to increase his own power, but he is defeated by X once again. He is never seen or heard from again right after this.


Dynamo is the all-around nice-guy who is just carrying his job. He is very careful and never risks his life too much, preferring to play easy. He is arrogant, but never cruel like most of X and Zero's foes are. He would talk to them like a friend would, and play his battles out like they were for sport. Although he claims total allegiance to Sigma, he doesn't seem to have anything personal against the Hunters, so it seems doubtful that Sigma infected him with the virus. His running away seems to indicate cowardice, but it also signifies intelligence. Other foes that X and Zero have faced have died, being unwilling to run away even when things looked slim for their victory. Dynamo was smart enough to live to fight another day, or so it would seem.


Mega Man X5 OST, T12 Dynamo (Enigma Laser Area Shuttle Docking Bay)

Mega Man X5 OST, T12 Dynamo (Enigma Laser Area Shuttle Docking Bay)


  • Dynamo is the only enemy who doesn't show signs of going maverick. Unlike typical Mavericks who fight until they are destroyed, Dynamo, in both Mega Man X5 and Mega Man X6, retreats instead.
  • Dynamo's Tsubame Gaeshi (Swallow Return) is also the name of the famous sword technique created by Kojirou Sasaki.
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