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Dymphna Furmage is a character in the Harry Potter universe and she acts as an antagonist because of her hatred for Pixies. Though she herself not appeared in the story itself, she was only mentioned among the Chocolate Frog Cards.


Early life

Ms. Furmage was born in 1612, somewhere in the British Isles. If she enrolled at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she attended the school from around 1623 to 1630.

Sometime in the mid to late seventeenth century, she went on holiday to Cornwall and encountered the Cornish Pixies, which abducted her and held her hostage.

She escaped but this led her to have a hate of Pixies, and she greatly feared them. She campaigned several times throughout her life to get Pixies killed off, and pleaded with the Ministry of Magic to kill all the Pixies. She was denied her request and she had a hatred and fear of the pixies which lasted the rest of her life.


She demonstrates the wizard superiority complex on other creatures.

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