Dylan (left) with Frankie (right), Bloo and Prince (both in middle)

Dylan was the main antagonist in the Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends episode, Frankie My Dear.

                                      ==In The Episode==

Although the episode's main villain, his role was small. He was shown as Frankie's date and a seemingly nice guy. But near the end of the episode, he revealed his true colors, a bullying, misogynistic jerk who viewed Frankie as his property. He then insulted Mac, Bloo and Quint the pizza guy by saying that no girl will go out with them. However, Frankie overheard everything he said and beated him up. It was revealed that Frankie gave him a wedgie.


  • He has some similarities to Derek Dietl from Monsters Vs. Aliens, Prince Hans from Frozen and Jack Rabbit from T.U.F.F. Puppy.
    • All three started off as love interests to the female protagonists.
    • All three were later revealed to be arrogant jerks who did not actually love the female protagonist.
    • All three got there comeuppance from the female protagonist.