Dwight Schrute is the deuteragonist/antagonist of the NBC revival of the British sitcom The Office. He was one of the highest ranking salesmen of Dunder-Mifflin who has multiple skills such as being an advocate survivalist, analyst, and self-defense fighter. He is sometimes referred to as a "fascist nerd" and is the primary target of office pranks, most of which perpetrated by Jim Halpert. Here is some of his villainous actions.
  • In "Fun Run", He froze Angela's sick cat, Sprinkles, euthanizing it
  • He sometimes has unprotected sex with random women, such as a woman's basketball player and Angela while she was engaged to Andy
  • In "The Negotiation", Dwight used pepper spray against Jim and Pam.
  • In "Scott's Tots", he manipulated Andy into proposing an Employee of the Month award to Jim and frame him for picking himself (if not Pam) as the winner, then impersonated the other workers filing complaints against Jim to corporate. Ryan later finds a copy of the "diabolical plan" and wants in.


  • Dwight is portrayed by Rainn Wilson, who also voiced Gallaxhar in Monsters vs. Aliens.