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Dwight Renfield is a Vampire Mass Murderer in Stephen Kings Noval The Night Flier. Who flies a Black Sky-master from small airport to small airport Killing or Draining his victims.


A Tabloid Journalist named Richard Dees thinks Dwight is a lunatic who believes himself to be a vampire & Richard has been fallowing Dwight's trails Via interviewing witness Then when Richard Dees & After a few days fallowing Dwight he finally undertakes Dwight in a violent thunderstorm at Wilmington Airport & discovered Dwight Really was a real vampire First Dwight makes Richard destroy his Photographic evidence & Dwight warns Dees the last time not to follow him anymore. But Richard follows Dwight anyway demanding to see Dwight's face & show it he does with a loud roar .Then Dwight realizing Dees will not stop pursuing him frames Dees for the Murders Via making Richard drink Dwight's blood. Then Dee's goes into a mad murderous hallucination about the Dwight's dead Victims coming to life Advancing on him. Dees freaks & grabs and axe & starts copping them up. The Police arrive finding Dees Chopping up the corpses lying around. Richard rushes toward Kathryn Blare who fallowed Dees to the airport with the axe. But the police shoot Dees. & Dwight gets away in his black Sky-master as Kathryn Blare looks on watching Dwight disappears into the thundery sky.

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