Dwarves likes anything that fires or burns and especially, explodes.
~ Gnarl

The dwarves were a race of humanoids under the service of King Widget, later King Goldo, and major antagonists in Overlord and Overlord: Dark legend.


Dwarves are short, bearded and muscular humanoids, only about a third of a normal humans height. Though some were more than half as tall as a human. They usually wear large, thick armor designed for either mining or combat.


Among all the races in Overlord, the dwarves are undoubtedly the most technologically advanced, giving them a vast amount of weapons such as flamethrowers, bombs and even tanks, making their army extremely powerful and difficult to fight. They don't seem to be very skilled at neutralizing magical threats though, since Oberon Greenhaze managed to chase them away from Evernight-forest. Several dwarven corpses can be found in Evernight.

Another example of their mechanical skills would be a pipe-system which they used to deliver beer, something they treasure dearly, directly to their underground-homes.

It was stated by Gnarl that liking gold is a trait shared by all dwarves. However, their king, Goldo Golderson, took it to such a level that even the other dwarves started to hate him. This fact was shown in the Overlord: Raising Hell-expansion pack, when the dwarves tried to kill Goldo in the infernal abyss.


In Overlord: Dark Legend, lord Gromgard killed their king Widget and framed the elves for it, causing a war between the two races.

At some point before the events of Overlord they apparently made a truce with the elves, since their king Goldo joined the Seven Heroes, along with the elven hero Oberon, to defeat the Second Overlord. After the overlord's defeat, Goldo returned to his kingdom. However, now that Goldo was a hero, he felt that he had the right to all the gold in the world, an obsession that drove him into attacking Evernight-forest, enslaving the elves and presumably forcing his own subjects into hard labor to get as much gold as possible out of his mines.

Several years later, the third Overlord arrived in the dwarven kingdom, fought through their army and finally killed Goldo, ending the cruel reign of their race.

In the Raising Hell-expansion pack a portal to the infernal abyss appears in the dwarven kingdom and enchants the dwarves, leading to them starting a civil war over the right to enter it. The dwarves who do enter are captured and tortured by the Forgotten God. Goldo himself, now a damned soul, is turned into a gold-statue and picked to pieces by his own vengeful subjects.

They make no appearance in Overlord 2.