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"I pray it is not another murder." Bishop Barbarrigo as one of the dwarf's victims is pulled from the canal.
The dwarf killer (or just dwarf as she is billed in the credits,) is the main antagonist in the 1973 Nicholas Roeg horror film (based off the short novel by Daphne Du Maurier) "Don't Look Now."


The dwarf is an unseen serial killer who terrorizes the streets of Venice. The dwarf seems to primarily target young women, killing them with a butcher knife. They may be prostitutes, but it is left unrevealed. Her motives are entirely ambiguous, as in the 110 minute film, the dwarf has approximately thirty seconds of total screen time and no lines of dialogue. John Baxter (Donald Sutherland) sees the dwarf throughout the film but mistakenly believes her to be the ghost of his drowned daughter Christine. He believes that she has killed his wife Laura (Julie Christie,) thought it is revealed she made it safely to England to check on their son. He also sees Laura with two sisters on a boat, dressed in mourning. Because the film is psychic, the dwarf is used primarily to contribute to the film's twist ending. She is shown in the photograph of the church John is rebuilding in her red hood, when he bled on the photo, perhaps showing that his fate was already sealed. He finally follows her down a dark alley, believing her to be Christine. She is revealed to be a grinning old woman, who pulls a knife, slits his throat and escapes, leaving him to die. It is revealed that he had actually seen his own funeral earlier. She is still at large.