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Dustin Wallswreath unmasked

Dustin Wallswreath

Dustin Wallswreath A.K.A the Ghost of Chip Braverton is the main antagonist of the Be Cool, Scooby-Doo episode Grand Scam.

Dustin Wallswreath was a former backup outfielder for the Gypsy Moths, who became the facilities manager.

Dustin is a tall, athletic Caucasian male, with light brown hair.

He was outwardly friendly and outgoing, constantly trying to get people to remember him. However, he secretly harbored a bitter and vengeful side. He started his career as a backup outfielder for the Gypsy Moths, but because he was such a bad player, he was cut from the team.

To continue working around the Gypsy Moths he took up a job as their facilities manager.

To get revenge for being cut from the team, Dustin dressed up as the Ghost of Chip Braverton.

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