NS Yellow Wind Ranger
Dustin Brooks is the 2nd and Yellow member of the Wind Rangers. His only time as a villain was when he along with Tori, and Shane were possessed by Lothor and helped Mesogog destroy The Dino Rangers.

Villainous Role

When Lothor returns in Power Rangers: Dino Thunder, he kidnapped Cam and disguised by him where he brainwashed Dustin and his teammates with morphers that tampered with corrupted Power Disc. From there on, he was nothing but Lothor forces' slaves.

They battle the Dino Rangers group since being brainwashed, but the skirmish doesn't last long as Cam, Blake, and Hunter interferes and pretended to be their ally against Dino Rangers. However, this turned out to be the ploy where they tricked the brainwashed Wind Rangers to used the purified Power Discs. When they used the discs, the purified Discs' powers ultimately restore them to normal.

The Ninja and Dino Rangers then team up to do battle with Lothor and Mesogog's combined forces, where they emerges as victory. Afterwards, the Wind Rangers lose their powers, leaving things to the next generation.


His restoration, alongside his comrades' became one of the reasons why Mesogog, whom distrusted Lothor in the first place, turned against him and sealed him as trophy.