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DuShane is a drug dealer on a British TV series Top Boy portrayed by Ashley Walters.


Season 1

DuShane and Sully are running Summerhouse together they intend to recruit Ra'Nell and Gem in their drug dealing operation, the crew have a rivalry against KaMale and his crew, they find his cousin and kidnap him but ends up dead so they blow the car up with him in it, when KaMale and his crew robbed the whole stash house, Raikes gives DuShane and Sully 2 weeks to find KaMale, Sully gives orders to Dris without DuShane's say so also because Sully thinks Gem was the guy who talked to KaMale so Dris kills Gem's dog. DuShane, Sully and Dris find and kill KaMale when Michael informs them where he is and Sully and DuShane find Raike's right-hand man Lee and kill him and the stash because he was behind KaMale. Raikes asks DuShane to kill Sully but instead DuShane kills Raikes and puts the gun in his hand to make it look like he committed suicide. DuShane demotes Sully and makes Dris 2nd in command, he also gives Ra'Nell the money for the weed, before that Ra'Nell attempts to stab DuShane for the revenge for Leon's murder but his mum Lisa stops it.

Season 2

Dushane is now running Summerhouse without his best-friend, Sully. His business relationship with his boss Joe has blossomed and they are about to move into the big time with a large shipment of drugs. But Dushane misses Sully, particularly when he is confronted by a new enemy. With his reputation as Top Boy on the line, Dushane must take drastic action to keep hold of his new-found power – and needs Sully on side again.