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Dunya is the main antagonist in the Thea Stilton and the Blue Scarab Hunt, the 9th book in the Thea Stilton crossover book series of Geronimo Stilton.


Dunya pretended to be Prof. Mouserson's assisstant in archaeology, when in fact she was the leader of a group of criminals who were searching for treasure. Her henchmen kidnapped Prof. Bartholomew Sparkle, who she called Bart, to assist them.

When the Thea Sisters arrived in Egypt, they met Dunya, who was pretending to be Mouserson's assisstant at the time, and she pretended to be unaware of where Prof. Sparkle was.

During the night, the Thea Sisters found her sneaking out of Sparkle's tent, and she told them she was searching for a clue. Upon learning that Colette had Sparkle's notebook, she tried to take it, but was stopped by Colette. She then drove off with the Thea Sister's, who thought they were searching for Sparkle. She drove them to the criminals, who had Sparkle held hostage, and kidnapped the Thea Sisters too.

Sparkle and the Thea Sisters were forced to search for the treasure underground, as she and her henchmen didn't want to risk their own fur, and put a microcamera on Sparkle's helmet so she could watch them, though she forgot to put a microphone on his helmet so she couldn't hear them.

Sparkle and the Thea Sisters eventually found the treasure, and Dunya and her henchmen quickly came and promptly started to ransack the treasure. Sparkle and the Thea Sisters tried to fight her and her henchmen, but after a brief struggle they were thrown down a side corridor and trapped by a huge rock.

Sparkle and the Thea Sisters manage to escape, where they see Dunya and her henchmen taking the treasure. Sparkle and the Thea Sister's attempt to escape in a van, but Dunya's henchmen recaptured them after a short chase. However, as Dunya gloated, the police, who had been alerted by Paulina's little sister Maria, arrive and she and her henchmen are arrested.