Some day yew folks'll hear a child o' Lavinny's a-callin' its father on the top o' Sentinel Hill!
~ Old Whateley (about the Dunwich Horror).

The Dunwich Horror is the titular sole primary antagonist of H.P. Lovecraft's 1929 Horror story, The Dunwich Horror. It is the inhuman child of Lavinia Whateley and Yog-Sothoth.


Its existence was kept secret by its grandfather, mother, and eventually its twin brother, Wilbur Whateley. It fed on cattle growing up, draining them of blood before devouring them completely. The intense stench of the abomination kept away most passersby.

On September 9, the creature broke free from the Whateley farmhouse, littering the hillside with wooden planks soaked with an odd viscous substance. Barrel-sized tracks were found leading to a meadow where half a herd of cows were drained of blood. In its natural state the being is invisible to the human eye, but a magical spell can render it visible. It kills the livestocks and some unfortunate people that deter it.

After death of it's twin brother Wilbur, Dr. Armitage, Professor Warren Rice, and Dr. Francis Morgan, whom learned Wilbur's scheme to summon Yog-Sothoth, decided to go for Dunwich. Armed themselves with spells that they need to confront the horror they uses the spell to rendered Dunwich Horror visible before killed it for good.

Its final words were a cry of mercy to its father, who immediately struck it down with a bolt of lightning.



  • Dunwich Horror is one of the few antagonists of H.P. Lovecraft tales that succesfully defeated by the heroes.