I should be on the Riviera, a craving I've had since my mother showed me the ocean.
~ Dunois to Johnathan Cold

Dunois is one of the antagonists in the 2003 Steven Seagal film The Foreigner.

He is portrayed by Max Ryan.


Dunois is a psychopathic killer with severe anger issues, shooting anyone who so much as annoys him. Despite this he often brushes off insults from his compatriates with a sinister chuckle. He carries a pair of pistols on his left side—one with a silencer—and a palm-sized pistol on his ankle. He is never seen without his sunglasses, nor without a cigarette, and sometimes has a flair for eloquent speech.

When it comes to breaking and entering, killing people caught unawares, or beating information out of them, Dunois is quite effective—however, against any worthy opponent he is comically inept. By the end of the film he has been brutally defeated by just about every character. He is repeatedly shown to be Johnathan Cold's opposite: unhinged, unnecessarily violent, and unprofessional.


Dunois was hired by Meredith Van Aiken (along with a group of Danish mercenaries) as a double agent to procure "the package" which is sought after by her husband Jerome and his henchmen. He tries several times to kill Johnathan Cold, but is thwarted at every turn.

After the package has been secured for Meredith, she takes her daughter and disappears while her hero Johnathan's back is turned, having used him like she used Dunois and the Danish mercenaries. Dunois is waiting for Cold in his apartment when he comes home, and they have a final showdown that leaves Dunois with a broken arm and neck.