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The Dungeon Keeper is the titular villain protagonist and main player-controlled character of the video-game series Dungeon Keeper, which is set in a similar style to other Dark Fantasy titles such as Overlord, in which the player takes the role of an all-powerful Dark Lord who builds massive dungeons filled with evil traps, monsters and so forth - conquering realms as he goes about his evil ways.

Personality and Overview

As a Dark Lord, its not surprising that Dungeon Keeper sought to conquer the world and rule it within the iron fist. Not surprisingly, the title character bears personality traits that typical for stereotypical Dark Lord such as being megalomaniac, power hunger, and led his/her empire in iron fist. But the style regarding how Dungeon Keeper run his empire and lair depend on the player.

Because the Dungeon Keeper is the playable protagonist and the game itself designed to be a Dark Lord simulator so the player can feel what it's like to be a terrifying and villainous Dark Lord, the player must know that like real-life rulers who just newly established his/her town/city/nation/empire, it's not surprising that the early days of the Dungeon Keeper's reign would be tough, as the player started off with few rooms, few resources, and weaker imp workers. So the player must tasked the starting minions to expand and maintain his/her dungeon by dug their way to make some empty rooms and tunnels as well as mine some gold and jewel ore from gold seam that discovered during construction progress to fund the dungeon's improvement that also include research on dark magic to increase the player's powers. Fortunately, Keeper will be guided by Thr Mentor, the previous Keeper and player's eccentric mentor.

The player also need to build few lairs for some new dark creatures/followers that joined to his/her cause to stay as well as faciliate the dungeon with everything they need, includes recreations, hatchery for livestocks, etc., anything to make them comfortable while serving the player. Other reason why Dungeon Keeper need to build some lairs for new dark creatures/followers to stay is to keep pesky heroes that intrude the dungeons at bay: Imp workers that you hire (Dungeon Keeper actually summoned them to his/her side with dark magic, but because each summons requires few amount of gold, the term hiring is more appropriate) as starting minions, in spite of capable to perform various tasks and biddings, are poor in combat and no match for the heroes. The best way to deal invading heroes is of course, dispatching more powerful dark creatures/followers in your side.

Each type of monsters/demons/goons that worked for Dungeon Keeper are vary both in abilities, appearance, and personality. So the means to made them become effective minions is not just to task them with job that they excel in, but also need to be treated fairly: Dungeon Keeper must neither too strict/abusive toward his/her minions (which result the minion less loyal but more efficient) nor tolerate/spoiled his/her minions too much (which resulting them less effective in working due to lazier).

Rooms the Dungeon Keeper Obtains

  • Dungeon Heart: The most important part of any Dungeon and the anchor that allows the Dungeon Keeper to infiltrate an enemy realm, if the Dungeon Heart is destroyed the Dungeon Keeper is banished from a realm forever.
  • Portals: Important areas where monsters are summoned into any given Dungeon.
  • Library: A room where evil magicians may study forbidden magic and evil tomes, either for empowered themselves or researching some dark magic that can help Dungeon Keeper to maintain order/personally handle intruders. Warlocks whom busily study here dislikes being bothered by other creatures that they conjure fireballs to drove them away.
  • Lair: A room used for rest and to keep the Dungeon Keeper's minions content.
  • Hatchery: A room which stores chickens, which are used to feed the many creatures which inhabit the Dungeons.
  • Training Room: The area where minions may go to hone their combat skills.
  • Prison: Area to contained captured intruders. The prisoners inside can be either brought to torture chamber or left to roy so their corpses can be desecrated into skeleton warriors.
  • Torture Chamber: Area to torture either captured heroes or rival imps for either have them died and return as ghosts or brainwash them to your side. Dark Mistresses will visit this place for torture either themselves when in low spirits or torturing captives.
  • Barracks: Area to group a team of minions.
  • Graveyard: Area where corpses of intruders would be given improper burial so they can be reanimated as Vampires. Should at least one hellhound tasked to guard the area, it will urinate available buried corpses to hastened their desecration process into vampires.
  • Scavenger Room: Place to lure enemy minions to the lair.
  • Workshop: Place where specific minions like trolls would worked on tinkering traps and other improvements for dungeon.
  • Casino: Place where minions can get entertainment from drinking ale and gambling. While this can made minions happy and content within the dungeon, Dungeon Keeper must have extra control over money management as some minions have money debt from him/her.

Spells The Dungeon Keeper Obtains

  • Create Imps (literally creates imps - the most basic of minions)
  • Thunderbolt (hurls a thunderbolt at enemies)
  • Possession (allows direct command of any monster)

List of Keeper's Followers

As a Dark Lord, Keeper had a vast number of followers and dark monsters in his/her side such as:


The fly is a weak fighter and does not last long in battle, however they are a very fast unit and great for exploring as they can fly over water and lava. Cannot worked alongside spiders due to being the latter's natural prey.


The spider is your first reasonable fighting unit. Good physical attributes are complimented well by a nice selection of combat abilities including cryokinesis. The spider responds well to training. When in low spirits, they freezes captives in prisoners for amusement if the said prisoners left alone by Keeper.


Giant beetles are stronger fighters and flyers than the fly, but is not as fast. Very formidable, but they requires assistance from more powerful dark creatures in player's disposal for dealing more powerful heroes.

Bile Demons

While slow, bile demons are still an excellent fighter, and manufacturer. They are immune to gas and wind attacks, but are vulnerable in combat to most types of undead. Having natural rivalries with skeletons, both creatures must be separated to keep them in line. Because of their larger appetite compared to other minions, Keeper must build extra hatcheries so it won't affect amount of rations received by other followers.

Dark Mistresses

The kinkiest of all creatures, one who enjoys pain and inflicting it on others and themselves. Aside guarding the lair and torturing Keeper's captives during torture sessions, Dark Mistresses would torture themselves when in low spirits. Being masochistic, slapping them will improve their mood and they rushes off to a battle as soon as one starts. An excellent fighter and master or torture.

Demon Spawn and Demonic Dragons

A fairly good fighter, that can walk over lava unharmed. Spends most of its spare time training. With enough training, they can overpowered many enemies once evolved into demonic dragons.

As demonic dragons, they quick to learn from training, and a good resource in any library. They retain their heat resistance from lava, and sleeping sleeping next to it also make them stronger.


Weaker than the skeleton in fighting ability, the main use of these undead enemies are in research. Given the chance, these creatures will tend to congregate in your temple and will need manual duty allocation. Ghosts can fly, see invisible creatures, and are immune to poison gas. They are originally spirits of enemies Keeper caught before being tortured to death and have their restless spirit forced to his/her servitude.

Horned Reaper

Horned Reapers are arguably most volatile of Keeper's followers. Very powerful thanks to their strength, durability, and proficiency with their signature scythe. Keeping them in line is very tricky due to their nasty temper, as it requires a strong financial situation and lots of attention to keep their rage in check. If their rage and stress not kept at bay, they will undergo berserker rage that incites mass mayhem and chaos all over Keeper's lair.


These infernal hound are good fighters and has the ability to travel safely over lava and breathes flames. Hounds will tend to follow Keeper's more powerful follower around as bodyguards, but their rivalries with Demon Spawns made them fought each other if given the chance.

If left positioned in Keeper's Graveyard, the hounds will desecrated buried corpses of fallen enemies to hastened their unholy conversion into vampires.


These orcs are good all round warriors and like to be allocated guard room duties. They are quick to learn from training, and form a good basis for any close quaters combat. Being soldiers who more interested in combat and bloodshed, they refuse any research based duties.


Skeleton are another good fighting unit at high levels, and originally Keeper's humanoid prisoners left to rot in prison. Skeletons advance quickly when trained, and are immune to the effects of poison gas. However, they had tense rivalries with Bile Demons.


Weird dark creatures with three tentacles for legs, and one for a head. They hit quite hard and are fairly tough, which make them good fighters when combined with their freeze ability.


Trolls are followers who best tasked in manufacture because they had no interest with less manual jobs, such as research. Initially poor in combat, the troll gains good firepower at later levels. However, they are unlikely to use range attacks unless possessed. Their presence in the lair will help its improvements.


Vampires are vicious fighters and very skilled scavengers. They prove to be good researchers but will refuse to stay in workshop. The very experienced vampire become strong enough to become immortal: If they died, they will merely resurrected themselves at costs for some amount of their powers. As with other undead, vampires can see invisible creatures and are immune to the effects of poison.

Although, vampires had tense rivalries with warlocks as the only way to keep them in line is by not to let either group share facilities in the dungeon. Not surprisingly, being unholy creatures, they greatly disliked Temple section of Keeper's lair as being in there long enough will make them extremely testy.


Evil spellcasters with dark powers who joined Keeper's cause. They are followers who good at both research and manufacturing, has a good range of attack spells, and gains vast experience if their lair is placed next to an unmined gold square. In spite of their skills with dark magic and capacity in researching more evil magic for their masters, they are poor in close quarter combat, having rivalries with vampires, and hates if anyone interrupted their research on evil magic in library. As such, Keeper must ensure no Imps who interrupted their research or the said minions would be driven away with their spells.