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The Dungeon Keeper is the titular antagonist and main player-controlled character of the video-game series, Dungeon Keeper, which is set in a similar style to other Dark Fantasy titles such as Overlord, in which the player takes the role of an all-powerful Dark Lord who builds massive dungeons filled with evil traps, monsters and so forth - conquering realms as he goes about his evil ways.

Rooms The Dungeon Keeper Obtains

  • Dungeon Heart (the most important part of any Dungeon and the anchor that allows the Dungeon Keeper to infiltrate an enemy realm, if the Dungeon Heart is destroyed the Dungeon Keeper is banished from a realm forever)
  • Portals (important areas where monsters are summoned into any given Dungeon)
  • Library (a room where evil magicians may study forbidden magic and evil tomes)
  • Lair (a room used for rest and to keep the Dungeon Keeper's minions content)
  • Hatchery (a room which stores chickens, which are used to feed the many creatures which inhabit the Dungeons)
  • Training Room (the area where monsters may go to hone their combat skills)
  • Prison
  • Torture Chamber

Spells The Dungeon Keeper Obtains

  • Create Imps (literally creates imps - the most basic of minions)
  • Thunderbolt (hurls a thunderbolt at enemies)
  • Possession (allows direct command of any monster)

Creatures The Dungeon Keeper Has Under His Command

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