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The Dumbbellloid is a Metaloid that Enter created with the "work out" Metavirus to draw attention to tire out the Go-Busters.

This Metaloid flings heavy dumbbells at people that latches to their hands and makes them follow his commands. Since he is made from exercise equipment, he's a rather boisterous being that wants people to work out, or otherwise be killed for not keeping up.

As the other Busters believed in a white lie that Beet Buster made at Gorisaki, they refused to let Blue Buster fight because he'll die from another overheating, until he hears the lie for himself. Believing that he would die the next time he hits his Weakpoint, he charges selflessly into battle, thrashing the Metaloid and deleted the Metaloid with a shot from the Ichigan Buster in Special Buster Mode.

Dumbbellloid praised Blue Buster, for his fight brought him victory.


  • Identification Number: A-01
  • Install Metavirus: KITAERU
  • Production Motif: Dumbbell
  • Height: 194 cm. (6 feet, 5.95 inches)
  • Weight: 286 kg. (630 lbs.)

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